Thank you all for participating! See you in next COMSOC!


Best presentation awards (based on your votes) are here.

You can watch the games we played and the final scores (up to counting errors) here.

You are welcome to continue our discussion on including online/hybrid components in future COMSOC on our Facebook group.


The COMSOC Workshop Series

The aim of the COMSOC workshop series is to bring together different communities: computer scientists interested in computational issues in social choice; people working in artificial intelligence and multiagent systems who are using ideas from social choice to organize societies of artificial software agents; logicians interested in the logic-based specification and analysis of social procedures; and last but not least people coming from social choice theory itself.

The COMSOC series website

COMSOC on Gather.town with VirtualChair

Most of the COMSOC’21 program will be online in a virtual conference center built by VirtualChair on the Gather.town platform.

This is an interactive environment that lets participants present their papers and posters, discuss and socialize using video, audio and chat.


See Attending Online for further information.

COVID-19 update

COMSOC’21 will feature one hybrid day at the Technion, Israel, on Tuesday June 8th. The rest of the program will be online. See program.
For up-to-date information on entry to Israel requirements, see Local Information.


COVID-19: How Much Protection Do Face Masks Provide? | Wayne UNC | Goldsboro, NC