Local Information

Technion day (June 8th)

All lectures will take place at room Cooper 216 (entrance floor). See map, or use map link.

  •  We will start the informal poster session at 3pm. Everybody is welcome to bring a poster related to COMSOC, whether it is already on the program or not.  Size can be up to A0. No special instructions.   The will be coffee and ice cream during the poster session – please arrive a few minutes before so you can get your name tag and dinner coupon!
  • There are buses (11,17) from the train station to the Technion but they take a long time. We consider arranging a shuttle from Hof Hacarmel to the Technion at 2:30pm (for the 2:24pm train).  Let us know if you are interested.
  • After the community meeting (around 7:30pm) we plan to go on a conference dinner (probably at Tatami restaurant at Hof Hacarmel).    Participation is included in the registration fee you already paid. If you are interested please register here:    https://forms.gle/49MSoPN7iZLRiMJJ8
  • There are trains from Hof HaCarmel to Tel-Aviv at 9:37pm and then at 10:37pm. If you want to organize a ride from a particular place, we might be able to help with funding.
  • If you need a car entry permit, please email Reshef your details (your name, car make, color, license plate number).


From 4pm, the program will be hybrid and broadcasted on Zoom.


COVID-19 regulations

The restrictions on passengers arriving to Israel are changing according to the current situation. Our working assumption is that by June there will be no quarantine restrictions for arrivals of vaccinated people from some countries. Please check for the latest travel information here.

TL;DR (as of April 22nd):

  • You need to take a PCR test before your flight.
  • If you are vaccinated/recovered then upon arrival you are required to home isolation and take a serological test (may take “few days”).
  • Otherwise you need to be 2 weeks in home isolation (can be shortened to 10 days with PCR tests).
  • Visitors from certain “hot” countries will be required to isolate in a designated hotel.


Visa and entry permit information is available here. If you need an invitation letter or any other help please contact Reshef at reshefm@ie.technion.ac.il.

Getting to Haifa from the Airport


There is a direct train line from Ben-Gurion airport, with 4 train stations in Haifa (the train also stops in Tel Aviv on the way). The ride takes about 90 minutes. Train service is currently suspended due to COVID restrictions. Train currently operates regularly. See updates here. Price is about 40 NIS.

The train does not operate on weekends (from Friday noon until Saturday evening).

“Amal” taxi service

There is a regular taxi service from the airport to Haifa (door to door). Price is about 120 NIS per person. No need to reserve. The service operates 24/7 (check for COVID updates).

Special taxi service

A special (private) taxi from the airport to Haifa costs about 400 NIS.

Car rental

There are multiple car rental options available at the airport. Information on driving in Israel with a foreign license is available here.


There will be limited availability of cheap housing for attendees with priority for students. If you plan to arrive and need a housing arrangement, please contact Reshef by email.