Instructions for presenters

  • A link to the virtual event will be posted on the home page on Sunday June 6th (one day before the workshop).
  • Check that the details of your paper(s) are correct, links are working properly, and that you are available during presentation times. Report any problem to Reshef asap.
  •  Make sure you know how to use the platform.You can use VirtualChair self guided tour here:


  • Contact the session chair at least 48 hours *before*  the session, and confirm that you will be attending and that you know how to use the platform.
  • Note that Program posters and Hybrid talks are assigned to *two* sessions each. Please contact both session chairs.


  • Enter the zoom link (via the lecture hall on 5 minutes before the session starts.
  • Every online talk is 15 minutes, with no separate time for questions.
  • We encourage questions and discussions ON CHAT with coauthors during and after the talk.
  • After the session, you are encouraged to take questions at your assigned poster slot during the Q&A break.
  • Note that you will be a assigned a slot even if you chose not to submit a poster.


  • Note that your paper is assigned to TWO sessions: a poster session (A/B/C/D) and a Q&A break of one of the talk sessions.
  • It is ok to split presentation among several coauthors.
  • All posters of the main program will be presented at the main lobby, outside the lecture hall.
  • It is advised to prepare a short pitch that you can give to visitors, using your poster as a visual aid. Do not assume visitors will read and understand by themselves.