Best Presentation Awards

The awards were given based on participants’ Approval votes. Only the name of the presenter appears, as votes were based on the quality and engagement of the presentation, rather than the technical quality of the paper (although of course the papers may also be very good :).

Best Student Poster

Election with dependent voters (by Théo Delemazure)


Second place:

Proxy Manipulation for Better Outcomes (by Gili Bielous)

Computing Kemeny Rankings From d-Euclidean Preferences (by Anna Rapberger)

Best Poster Presentation

Selecting Matchings via Multiwinner Voting: How Structure Defeats a Large Candidate Space (by Markus Brill)


Second place:

Four Faces of Altruistic Hedonic Games (by Anna Maria Kerkmann)

On the Indecisiveness of Kelly-Strategyproof Social Choice Functions (by Patrick Lederer)

Loss Functions, Axioms, and Peer Review (by Nihar B. Shah)

Best Oral Presentation

Putting a Compass on the Map of Elections (by Piotr Faliszewski)


Second place:

Dynamic Proportional Rankings (Jonas Israel)


Third place:

Approval-Based Apportionment (by Ulrike Schmidt-Kraepelin)